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xcherokeefucksx's Journal

Blossoms thriving amongst weeds.
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  Cherokee County has never been the center of any sort of culture. Somehow, though, we have managed to grow while living in this filthy piece of shit they call a county. This community is just a place to help us grow a little more, and a way to be sure that whatever culture we do create doesn't die. If we work our asses off, stay united, and really support each other, maybe we can one day be proud to admit we're from Cherokee County. There's just a few simple rules...
  1. Don't bring your drama here. Deal with that shit in your own journals. This is a place of unity and your shit is not welcome. I don't care who did what, bring it here and you'll be banned.
  2. Anonymous posters are to sign their names or their comments will be deleted. If this becomes a problem, anonymous posting will not be allowed.
  3. Do not post quizzes. No one reads that shit in your journal and they definitely don't want to read that shit here.
  4. If you post more than one picture, put it behind an lj-cut tag. If you don't know how, read the lj faq.
  5. No "I hate it when..." posts or crap about what you think being sxe, punk, etc, is really about. There's nothing you can say that hasn't been said before, and redundant posts are lame.
  6. No abuse. This is a way to support each other; this is not a way to cut each other down. If you don't have anything nice to comment with, DON'T COMMENT.

Not all posts need to be serious. This is fun. Talk about your band. Talk about a band you like. Talk about anything, but try to keep it local. Just keep it cool and this should be a very kick ass community.