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[24 May 2006|12:04pm]

Sat. May 27th
The Warehouse (Kennesaw)

Mean Girls
Face the Falling

Theme: Caveman

myspace.com/meangirlsmusic for more details
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mar. 24 [18 Mar 2006|10:37am]

Mar. 24
Marietta, GA
$8 / 7 p.m.

MEAN GIRLS Birthday Bash!!!!
with: Lazer Attack, In Vitro, The Swear, Buttcat, Signature Escape


features: costume contest, cupcakes, dance off, stripper, $10 limit gift exchange (bring a gift to get a gift, well draw numbers from a hat)

everyone be sure to make it out, its cody's 21st birthday on Mar. 22 and we're celebrating for his and numerous fans who have birthdays in the proximity.
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[10 Sep 2005|01:50am]
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[24 Jan 2005|11:04pm]

I joined this for the Hell of it. I guess because I live in Cherokee County... there's no telling. Anyways, I don't think I know anyone here except Cody, but I may have seen some of you around. I'll just post a few good concerts coming up around town.


3/4- STRANGER BY DAY, MOURNINGSTAR, Locust Grove, Taken Under, End of Days, The Forcast.
3/5- Chamberlain's Charge, KELLY'S HEROES, Karmagia, MOST UNFAIR CUT. (Both Kelly's Heroes and Most Unfair Cut are my friends bands, so support is appreciated.)
3/11- Marauder, Reaction, INSTILLED, Agents of Man, The Risk Taken. (Good show because of Instilled, I havn't seen Eric in a while.)
3/12- BANE, COMEBACK KID, WITH HONOR (Bad-ass show.)

The Oracle:

2/12- ATHERTON, KELLY'S HEROES, WESTEND, Kama (Maybe, but a good show, never-the-less.)
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[03 Jan 2005|11:17pm]
hey - names kaley...i go to woodstock high, senior this year. after highschool, im going to scad.

ive lived in woodstock my whole life...

i just joined this community, how is everyone?
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[11 Aug 2004|06:08pm]

Saturday, 14 August 2004

Mean Girls
Led Zepplin (not really)

1900 hrs.

Come be the first on your block to get the NEW line of Mean Girls Appearel (actually its just a shirt, BUT THE CDS ARE FREE)
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long time no... anything [17 May 2004|07:55pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

new THIS DAY FORWARD appreciation community! come share your love for the band that's been rockin' you for 6 years. never say die!



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[13 May 2004|06:08pm]

Hey, I just joined. Love to you!
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Crossposted like a bitch. [25 Feb 2004|07:57pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

New community:
Do it up.

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[18 Feb 2004|02:40pm]

You may be asking yourself: What's happening at Swayze's this Saturday?
Well, I have the answer. Crappy bands will play, you will be overcharged, and the owner will use the money to buy booze at the mini-mart. Chances are some fight will break out or someone will go into a drunken rampage.
As much fun as that sounds...I cordially invite all of you to come to this show instead! Thanks.

Over and Out
(N.C. Hardcore.)
Final Expression.
(Yeah we're back, back on track!)
One False Move
(Matt Smith bring's hate mosh.)
Hit on All Sixes
(Wiggly+NYHC+C.Ray shred+ Jer.Bear bangs= Fun.)
Me and Him Call it Us
("Straight" Blake side project. AMAZING trust me.)

7 P.M. SHARP, This is a fucking neighborhood you know.

3 or 4$, The more people that come, the cheapier it will be.

Tell your friend's, bring everyone, no hard look's, no bullshit...

1190 Sycamore Summit.
Sugar Hill GA 30518.

(This is no more than Thirty second's from the Sugar Hill Community Center. THIS SHOW WAS MOVED FROM SUGAR HILL TO TOMAS' HOUSE.)


It's about time some house shows got booked.

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[17 Feb 2004|01:49am]

[ mood | awake ]

it's been a long time since i've read anything from our little community here. i just happen to look at it tonight and notice that "lucyd" and "target 5-0" were on the interest list and i couldn't help but laugh my ass off.

sorry for wasting your time, but i found that hilarious.

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New Band [16 Feb 2004|08:35pm]

Awaiting Perfection.. give us a listen.. tell us what you think... positive or negative.

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Rep it [03 Feb 2004|07:06pm]


Hit it up. It will be a good night of hip hop and rock'n'roll, but mostly hip hop.
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Step by Step [11 Dec 2003|12:30pm]

This Friday. Dec. 12th.
7 pm sharp! @ Swayzes

Betwixed the Buried & Me
Bury Your
(fucking) Dead
Scars of Tomorrow
A Perfect Murder
One False Move

Best show to hit Swayze's since....well...

Come show your stuff.
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[29 Nov 2003|02:16pm]

[ mood | content ]

hello. i'm new.

<3 to all...


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HIP HOP NIGHT CRACKAS [28 Nov 2003|10:32pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I better see all y'all reppin' tomorrow. I mean, Trackstar! C'mon.

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[16 Nov 2003|07:19pm]

Since no one has ever heard "Darryl's Hawaiian Paradise" im gonna up it up for download.

Make Sure you right click and press "Save Target As".
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Croosh [06 Nov 2003|02:21pm]

title or description
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Upbeats and Beatdowns! [07 Oct 2003|03:49pm]

title or description
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[13 Sep 2003|02:17pm]

im pretty sure by now that the majority of you have heard and were grief-stricken by the news of Johnny Cash dying friday morning. i am wanting to put together a temporary band to do a tribute to the man in black. i can do vocals i just need a bass player, one or two guitars, and drums. let me know if anyone is interested. i live in canton, GA so itd be even better if you lived in the area. thanks. RIP Johnny.

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